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Embedded Systems video

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Representing Text in Binary

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Types of Malware

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Protecting against Malware

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Video: Network Security #1

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AQA A-Level Computer Science (7517)

Teaching and revision resources for AQA A-Level Computer Science (7517) include lesson ideas, activities, starters and plenaries, and videos. Each resource is listed under the relevant syllabus section, making it easy to find the item you need.

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4.1 Fundamentals of programming

4.2 Fundamentals of data structures

4.3 Fundamentals of algorithms

4.4 Theory of computation

4.5 Fundamentals of data representation

4.6 Fundamentals of computer systems

4.7 Fundamentals of computer organisation and architecture

4.8 Consequences of uses of computing

4.9 Fundamentals of communication and networking

4.10 Fundamentals of databases

4.11 Big Data