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IB Computer Science

IB Computer Science resources are found here. The latest IB Computer Science syllabus (for first exams in May 2014) is divided into three sections: the Core content which includes 4 topics for all students and three additional topics for Higher Level (HL) students; the Options section where students study one of four options (which HL students having extra content compared to SL students) and the Internal Assessment. Click here for recommended IB Computer Science textbooks.

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SL / HL Core (80 hours)

Topic 1 - System Fundamentals (20 hours)

Topic 2 - Computer Organisation (6 hours)

Topic 3 - Networks (9 hours)

Topic 4 - Computational Thinking, Problem-Solving and Programming (45 hours)

HL Extension (45 hours)

Topic 5 - Abstract Data Structures (Higher Level only) (23 hours)

Topic 6 - Resource Management (8 hours)(HL)

Topic 7 - Control (14 hours)(HL)

Options (SL 30 hours) (HL 45 hours)

Option A - Databases

Option B - Modelling and Simulation

Option C - Web Science

Option D - Object Oriented Programming

IB Computer Science Internal Assessment (IA) Project

IB Computer Science Case Study (Paper 3)