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5.3 The Internet and the World Wide Web

5.3.1 Internet Structure and Routing

Packets, Routing and Reliability

The Internet: Packets, Routing and Reliability

This is an excellent video which clearly explained how data is split into packets which are then routed across the Internet. The animated diagrams are particularly useful for helping students visualise how packets can take different routes across the Internet in response to faults or heavy traffic.

Updated: 2016-10-17
IP addresses and DNS

IP addresses and DNS

An overview video covering IP addresses and the workings of DNS.

Updated: 2016-10-17

5.3.2 The World Wide Web


Edexcel GCSE Computer Science: The Internet & the Web

The internet and the world wide web is closely related to, and builds upon, topic Networks. This video covers all of the theory for this component, including HTML and CSS. Of course, practical activities are also essential to understand these last two topics.

Updated: 2016-10-17

5.3.3 IP addressing

5.3.4 Accessing the Internet

Network hardware lesson

Network Hardware (NIC, Switch, Router and WAP)

This video is created specifically for the IGCSE Edexcel Computer Science course. It explains the hardware required to connect to a network - be it a Local Area Network or a Wide Area Network such as the Internet. Switches, routers, and MAC addresses are also covered.

Updated: 2017-11-12